Cardinal Square is a community of 153 condominium townhomes in Springfield, Virginia.


Town Hall!
September 9,  2019
TO:          All Cardinal Square Residents
FROM:     Your Board of Directors
Mark your calendars – the Board is holding a TOWN HALL MEETING on  September 24,  2019 at Irving Middle School at 7 P M. 
We are going forward at our Annual Meeting in November with another vote on the revisions to our By Laws. 
We encourage all our residents, but especially our new residents to attend this important meeting. 
The By Law changes are all on our website at www.cardinalsquare.net.
Every vote is essential.  Please attend, ask your questions and offer suggestions.
We look forward to seeing you at Irving Middle School on the 24th.
Your Board

Wildlife Reminder:

Since we are lucky enough to live so close to nature we of course are bound to have some animal visitors. That includes snakes. Love ’em or hate ’em…we got ’em! When in doubt, walk away but here are some tips to keep you informed and safe.

  • Virginia is home to three types of black snakes. The Eastern King Snake, Black Rat Snake, and Northern Racer. All are non-venomous snakes and do a lot to benefit us. They keep the rodent population down and the Eastern King Snake works to keep the venomous snake population down. 
  • If you see a snake, stop and keep a safe distance. Give the snake room to move away on its own.
  • Do not try to handle a snake. A snake will bite if provoked, so do not handle them.
  • When walking or hiking, stay on trails, sidewalks and cleared pathways. 
  • Wear boots or closed shoes and long pants when working outdoors or walking in wooded areas.
  • Wear leather gloves when handling brush and debris.
  • Use a flashlight if walking at night in areas where snakes might be present.
  • Keep dogs on leashes and pet cats indoors to reduce their chances of encountering a snake.
  • If you find a sick or injured snake, contact the police non-emergency line at (703) 691-2131 to be connected with Animal Control. If you are bitten by a snake that you believe could be venomous, seek emergency medical attention immediately.

Cardinal Square Paint Colors

The Board has received a lot of compliments on our new paint colors! For a full list of the colors please see the color guide posted in the Resident Documents section under "Additional Documents". We are looking forward to getting the rest of the buildings updated and working toward resuming a paint cycle.

Check out your new committee chairs and members here!

Parking/Striping Update: All striping has been completed throughout the neighborhood. Please note the new yellow fire lanes and curbs throughout the neighborhood. These are NO PARKING zones and your vehicle will be towed if parked in those areas. 

2018 Annual Meeting Results
  1. The 2019 Operating Budget was approved.
  2. The proposed By-Laws were not approved. Work with the community, Legal and Property Management will continue and the Board will provide a way forward in the coming months.
  3. Your new Board is as follows:
  • Judy Ladislaw – President
  • D.J. Talbett – Vice President
  • Derek Eichin – Treasurer
  • Michelle Thorpe – Secretary
  • Cal Broughton
  • Michelle Carr
  • Kelly Cochran
  • Tina Jones
  • Sandy Thompson

Upcoming Events

No Events at this time.

Communication Guide

Hello Cardinal Square,
The Board would like to provide a new resource for residents. A guide to communication in Cardinal Square. We hope this guide will help clarify who to contact for specific requests and concerns and enhance efficiency and responsiveness for the community.  Not all issues are included in the document but we have attempted to include the most common ones. 

How You Can Help

Here are some ways you can help keep the community in good shape (and save money!). The more we can all help out, the less outside help we'll need. This will help keep our dues down, and having a beautiful and safe community will help keep the home values up!
Trash & Recycling 
Trash pick up - Mon. & Thurs. AM
Recycling pick up - Wed. AM
Trash & recycling should not be put out until after 6 p.m. the night before. As always, please be sure to secure your waste when packing it so that it does not spill out. Please follow these requirements in order to help keep our neighborhood looking beautiful and clean.
Please note that only trash is picked up on Monday mornings. Recycling pick up does not occur until Wednesday morning. If you are placing boxes or other items that look like recycling out on Monday, please place it in a trash bag so that it gets picked up.
Pet Leash & Clean Up 
For safety purposes, all dogs  must be on leashes when walking in the community. Please note that Fairfax County has strict leash laws for dogs. Additionally, pets must be cleaned up after in the neighborhood for sanitary purposes. If you notice any violations, please notify the Board.
Community Safety 
Here are some helpful safety and awareness tips:
  • Please be sure to keep vehicles locked and do not leave valuables inside.
  • Lock home doors and windows.
  • Don't hide keys under rugs or planters.
  • Contact the police if you see any suspicious behavior.
Website Account Creation
Please be sure you have a website account and that your email is updated. We use this to pass along urgent messages to the community. Click the 'Register' link at the top right of this page.