Cardinal Square is a community of 153 condominium townhomes in Springfield, Virginia.


Lower Tiverton Water Main Break 2/18/21
There has been another water break, this time on lower Tiverton. It is effecting the water pressure of some homes on Tiverton (7646-7662, & 7664-7680). Fairfax Water has located the leak, and is working to fix it. Repairs will involve the removal of one tree in the pool area, and some units may temporarily lose water. If you have questions regarding this event, the Board can be reached at board@cardinalsquare.net  
Upper Tiverton Water Main Break 2/6/21
Last night a water main broke on Upper Tiverton. Some residents experienced a loss of water while the leak was repaired. A gas lamp was also repaired. All utilities are now operational. Some concrete pads have experienced damage during the event. The Board is working to have damaged concrete repaired. If you have questions regarding this event, the Board can be reached at board@cardinalsquare.net 
Downspout Burial Update
The downspout burial project started today, but due to the predicted weather on Wednesday and Thursday only preliminary work will be done today.  The project will be on hold until next week, unless the expected weather changes course.
Based on the work continuing next week our contractor estimates the downspout burial will take one week for 7741 thru 7751, two weeks for 7753 through 7771 and one week for 7773 thru 7787.
There will be no parking in front of the row being worked on from 8:30 am till 4 pm daily.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Phase one
- Utilities will be marked
- Downspouts will be buried
- Sidewalks taken up for drainage work
- French drains laid
Phase two
- Units must be entered and exited through the rear
- Remaining sidewalks and curbs removed and replaced
Phase three
- Landscaping completed
- Parking space numbers stenciled
Follow the link below for guidance on your responsibilities during each phase and for information on whom to contact with questions.

Upcoming Events

Monthly Board Meeting
Thursday, August 12th, 7 pm
Location information to follow.

Trash and Recycling

Trash pick up - Mon. & Thurs. AM
Recycling pick up - Wed. AM
Trash & recycling should not be put out until after 6 p.m. the night before. As always, please be sure to secure your waste when packing it so that it does not spill out. Please follow these requirements in order to help keep our neighborhood looking beautiful and clean.
Please note that only trash is picked up on Monday mornings. Recycling pick up does not occur until Wednesday morning. If you are placing boxes or other items that look like recycling out on Monday, please place it in a trash bag so that it gets picked up.

How You Can Help

Pet Leash & Clean Up 
For safety purposes, all dogs  must be on leashes when walking in the community. Please note that Fairfax County has strict leash laws for dogs. Additionally, pets must be cleaned up after in the neighborhood for sanitary purposes. If you notice any violations, please notify the Board.
Community Safety 
Here are some helpful safety and awareness tips:
  • Please be sure to keep vehicles locked and do not leave valuables inside.
  • Lock home doors and windows.
  • Don't hide keys under rugs or planters.
  • Contact the police if you see any suspicious behavior.
Website Account Creation
Please be sure you have a website account and that your email is updated. We use this to pass along urgent messages to the community. Click the 'Register' link at the top right of this page.

Communication Guide

Hello Cardinal Square,
The Board would like to provide an updated resource for residents. A guide to communication in Cardinal Square. We hope this guide will help clarify who to contact for specific requests and concerns and enhance efficiency and responsiveness for the community.  Not all issues are included in the document but we have attempted to include the most common ones. This guide was last updated in January of 2021.