Cardinal Square is a community of 153 condominium townhomes in Springfield, Virginia.


Ecology 102 - What's Eating You?

Hello, neighbors. 
With all the rain we've had, mosquitos have become a problem.  After each rain, please remember to empty anything in your yards that holds water.  Even a small container with a small amount of water is a perfect little breeding pond for mosquitos. Let's try to make our community a hostile work environment for them. 

How You Can Help

Pet Leash & Clean Up 
For safety purposes, all dogs  must be on leashes when walking in the community. Please note that Fairfax County has strict leash laws for dogs. Additionally, pets must be cleaned up after in the neighborhood for sanitary purposes. If you notice any violations, please notify the Board.
Community Safety 
Here are some helpful safety and awareness tips:
  • Please be sure to keep vehicles locked and do not leave valuables inside.
  • Lock home doors and windows.
  • Don't hide keys under rugs or planters.
  • Contact the police if you see any suspicious behavior.
Website Account Creation
Please be sure you have a website account and that your email is updated. We use this to pass along urgent messages to the community. Click the 'Register' link at the top right of this page.

Upcoming Events

No Events at this time.

Communication Guide

Hello Cardinal Square,
The Board would like to provide an updated resource for residents. A Guide to Communication in Cardinal Square.  This guide will help clarify who to contact for specific requests and concerns. Not all issues are included in the document but we have attempted to include the most common ones. This guide was last updated in August of 2022.

Trash and Recycling

Due to Covid related staffing issues, pick-up times may vary.  Patriot Disposal may arrive either earlier or later than normal.  Please put trash and recycling out the night before, not the morning of pickup to make sure you don't miss it.
Trash pick up - Mon. & Thurs. AM
Recycling pick up - Wed. AM
Trash & recycling should not be put out until after 6 p.m. the night before pickup.
 If you are placing boxes or other items that look like recycling out on Monday and Thursday, please place it in a trash bag so that it gets picked up.