Cardinal Square is a community of 153 condominium townhomes in Springfield, Virginia.


TO: Burlington Place Neighbors         
RE: Drainage, Sidewalk and Landscaping Project in Front of Your Home
   Hi everyone, the next big community project is scheduled to begin next week November 11th (weather permitting) along the even side of Burlington (6602 through 6646). This information is provided to help you prepare for this project as it will impact all neighbors on Burlington Place in one way or another. Regular updates will be posted on Facebook and on the Cardinal Square website (www.cardinalsquare.net) and notices will be placed in doors when scheduling updates are provided. There are many moving pieces with this project and they are all weather dependent.
   At a high-level, this project has three phases. The below provides information regarding the work to be completed by each phase.
Phase 1: Ms. Utility marks the property, the burying of downspouts will occur, french drains will be laid and sidewalk pieces will be removed for drainage work.
Phase 2: Remaining sidewalks and curbs will be removed and replaced.
Phase 3: Landscaping and parking space number stenciling will be completed.
This next section is guidance provided for each phase of work as each phase will provide unique obstacles.
Guidance for Phase 1:
·       Parking will be limited during the day and a few spots may be blocked with supplies and construction vehicles.
·       All decorations and garden stones/barrier material that you would like to keep must be removed from the front of the building before work begins.
·       Prior to work beginning, all  perennial plants that you would like to keep must be removed and transplanted except the hostas and liriope, which will be transplanted throughout the community to further fight erosion.
·       We have done a preliminary assessment of the shrubs and bushes in front of the houses.  Very few will remain, some will be repurposed and others will be used to help stem erosion.  We will mark plants to remain with yellow tape.
Guidance for Phase 2:
·       Entering and exiting your home will be through the back of your home.
·       Parking will not be permitted throughout the day and night while the curb is setting. We understand this will be a great inconvenience for all neighbors on Burlington Place, but the work must be done to protect the integrity of our foundations.
·       Sidewalks will remain closed during the curing process.
Guidance 3:
·       Parking space numbering will be done exactly as they currently are.
If you have any questions regarding landscaping, please contact grounds@cardinalsqure.net, questions regarding parking and the painting of the lines please contact propertymanager@cardinalsquare.net and if you have questions regarding the drainage work please contact buildings@cardinalsquare.net.  
CSC Board

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Communication Guide

Hello Cardinal Square,
The Board would like to provide a new resource for residents. A guide to communication in Cardinal Square. We hope this guide will help clarify who to contact for specific requests and concerns and enhance efficiency and responsiveness for the community.  Not all issues are included in the document but we have attempted to include the most common ones. 

How You Can Help

Here are some ways you can help keep the community in good shape (and save money!). The more we can all help out, the less outside help we'll need. This will help keep our dues down, and having a beautiful and safe community will help keep the home values up!
Trash & Recycling 
Trash pick up - Mon. & Thurs. AM
Recycling pick up - Wed. AM
Trash & recycling should not be put out until after 6 p.m. the night before. As always, please be sure to secure your waste when packing it so that it does not spill out. Please follow these requirements in order to help keep our neighborhood looking beautiful and clean.
Please note that only trash is picked up on Monday mornings. Recycling pick up does not occur until Wednesday morning. If you are placing boxes or other items that look like recycling out on Monday, please place it in a trash bag so that it gets picked up.
Pet Leash & Clean Up 
For safety purposes, all dogs  must be on leashes when walking in the community. Please note that Fairfax County has strict leash laws for dogs. Additionally, pets must be cleaned up after in the neighborhood for sanitary purposes. If you notice any violations, please notify the Board.
Community Safety 
Here are some helpful safety and awareness tips:
  • Please be sure to keep vehicles locked and do not leave valuables inside.
  • Lock home doors and windows.
  • Don't hide keys under rugs or planters.
  • Contact the police if you see any suspicious behavior.
Website Account Creation
Please be sure you have a website account and that your email is updated. We use this to pass along urgent messages to the community. Click the 'Register' link at the top right of this page.