About Us

Cardinal Square Condominium Association
Cardinal Square is a community of 153
townhouse condominiums, located in
Springfield, Virginia.
Built in 1968 and 1969, the homes were
initially available as rental units. In 1972,
the development became a condominium,
and each unit was sold to individual owners.
Since Cardinal Square was originally
designed to be a rental property, all of the
units were set up on common water and
gas lines. Consequently, the monthly fees paid by
residents include gas and water service.
Natural gas powers the furnaces in all of the
units, as well as the gas street lamps.
Since gas is a common utility paid by all
residents, gas appliances (stoves, dryers,
water heaters, fireplaces) are not allowed. 
Because the land and the building
exteriors are all common property, the
monthly fees also cover maintenance for
those.  This includes building exteriors
(except windows, doors, and sheds),
parking lots, lawn and tree maintenance,
pool maintenance, and more.
Residents have access to 2 playground
areas with swings, park benches, picnic
tables, 3 grills, and a jungle gym.  They also have
access to a pool, and a basketball court,
as well as several grassy and wooded areas.
Local Transportation
One of the best things about Cardinal Square is its location and the multiple options and ease of getting around the Metro DC area from the neighborhood.
The Franconia-Springfield Metro is just under three miles from the neighborhood. Parking is also available at this Metro station. 

Cardinal Square residents can easily walk to the entrance on Old Keene Mill Road and catch a bus, such as the Fairfax Connector 310 (or the 18 Express buses, depending on the time of the day) going west toward Cardinal Forest Plaza and Burke.

Across the road, residents can find the Fairfax Connector 310 heading east toward Springfield Plaza, Springfield Town Center, and the Franconica-Springfield Metro.
Metro also offers the 18 Express Bus to the Pentagon and Pentagon Metro on weekday mornings and afternoons. 
Plan your trip using public transportation with Metro's Trip Planner.
A slug line, an informal car pool option, can also be found across the road on Hunter Village Drive near the Daventry neighborhood, and this slug line drops off riders at the Pentagon. Drivers can come by and pick up two passengers from the line and then, they qualify to drive in the express HOV lane. Passengers can line up on Hunter Village Road and wait for a driver to pick them up.  No money is exchanged, as it is a mutual benefit with the drivers getting to ride in the express lane, thanks to the passengers, and the passengers get a ride for helping the driver out. Read more about slugging.
For those driving, there is easy access to I-95, 495, and 395 just one mile east of the neighborhood. 
Local Area
Going one mile east, residents will find restaurants and stores at the Springfield Plaza and also the Richard Byrd Library. The Springfield Town Center will have a movie theater, along with many restaurants and stores. Going one mile west, residents will find additional shopping -- grocery, clothing, restaurants, and much more.
Accotink Creek Park
Accotink Creek borders the property on the north. Residents can enter the paved cross-country trail on the left side of Hunter Village Road, once they cross Old Keene Mill. The running, biking, and walking trail goes through the 493-acre Accotink County Park, up to the 55-acre Lake Accotink. At the lake, you can rent boats, play miniature golf, ride the carousel, find additional trails around the lake, and visit the snack bar. The trail from Hunter Village Road to the Lake is just over two miles one way.