We want to offer a warm welcome to new residents of Cardinal Square -- both unit owners and tenants.
Please read below for more information on the following: 
If you are looking for Board by-laws, studies, documents, or applications, please visit the Resident Documents page.  

Trash Collection
Monday & Thursday:  Trash pick up only; put trash out after 6 p.m. on Sunday and Wednesday
Wednesday: Recycling and yard waste only; put recycling & yard waste out after 6 p.m. on Tuesday
If you miss the pickup, take your trash back in until the next trash day. Please do not lean trash against lamp posts!  It weakens the posts. Trash is not picked up on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day, when those days fall on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday, nor is it picked up on severe snow days. Additionally, trash will not be picked up on any day when refuse and recycling facilities are closed. Our trash collection company is Patriot Disposal (703-257-7100). Their welcome letter can be viewed here.
Recycling - Recyclable materials include newspapers, magazines, catalogs, books, mixed paper, cereal boxes and similar, flattened cardboard no larger than 4’ x 4’, glass, aluminum and metal food and beverage containers, and plastic bottles, jugs and containers. The recycling method is “single-stream” which allows for the co-mingling of all recyclable materials in the recycling container.
Yard Debris - Fairfax County’s recent new rules for yard waste collection, specifically about the use of plastic bags, has been postponed indefinitely. However, the Board would like to still urge residents to use bio-degradable paper bags and/or use personal containers marked “Yard Debris". 
Special/Bulk Items - Special items will be collected for a minimum fee of $35.00. Advance notice is required for the collection of all special items and credit cards are accepted over the phone. Please call 703-257-7100 to schedule a special pickup. Special items include white goods (appliances), furniture and other large items. Special items that will be collected and recycled include scrap metal (grills, bicycles, swings, chairs), small electronics (computers, monitors, small TVs, small printers, VCRs, DVD/CD players, etc.), motor oil, tires and car batteries. Carpeting and other construction debris will be priced for pickup on a case-by-case basis, depending on the quantity. Special items scheduled for pickup that are not out on the scheduled pickup day will be re-scheduled for pickup at the request of the homeowner for a $35.00.
County Regulations - The following items will NOT be collected: liquids of any kind, asbestos, ammunition, fuel tanks, hazardous, radioactive, infectious or medical waste, petroleum contaminated soil, dead animals, manure, dangerous acids, caustics, explosives, or other dangerous material or items too large or too heavy to be loaded safely into the collection vehicles. For disposal, call Fairfax County Office of Solid Waste at 703-631-1179, or go to
Reserved spaces are for residents only. Unit owners (not guests) 1.5 spaces in Cardinal Square for each unit. Please be considerate of your neighbors, and use only as many spaces as you absolutely need.
If you have guests visiting, please take a minute to see where they parked. Guest cars parked overnight must have a Cardinal Square parking tag.
All vehicles parked overnight must have current Cardinal Square tags displayed in the windshield, or they are subject to being towed.  All vehicles must have current license plates and inspection stickers.  Motorcycles/ scooters do not need tags, but they must be registered with the property manager.
Commercial Vehicles may come in for service calls during the day only.  If they park here overnight, they are subject to being towed.
Yellow curbs mean "NO PARKING."  Many of these zones are fire lanes.  Vehicles parked there may be towed without warning.  Towed vehicles are taken to Dominion Towing (703-339-2400). Review the current parking rules.
Approval for Unit Changes
Any changes to the exterior of your unit must be approved by the Board.  Please submit details of your requested changes in plenty of time for the Board to discuss them at the monthly meeting. Rules and regulations, as well as an application, are located under the "Resident Documents" page.
Natural Gas
Natural gas powers the furnaces in all of the units, as well as the gas street lamps. Since gas is a common utility paid by all residents, gas appliances (stoves, dryers, water heaters, fireplaces) are not allowed.
Residents should not contact community contractors directly, but instead reach out to Property Management or the Board through the website.
Water Shut Off
Please note that water should not be shut off to units outside of the owner's without notifying the Board in advance. Proper notification is needed to advise those affected by a full row shut-off.
As a reminder, all homeowners must have an HO6 insurance policy on their unit. 
Cardinal Square has been fortunate to have such a beautiful and well-maintained community. Before making any changes to trees, shrubs, lawn, etc., please check with the Board. Do not trim bushes or trees before checking with the Grounds Committee.  Remember that your front yard and areas behind back fences are common ground.

Community Pool
For a complete overview and FAQ about our pool, please visit the Pool page of our website.
Cardinal Square is a pet-friendly and child-friendly neighborhood.  When walking your dog, please be considerate of your neighbors -- pick up any droppings, and dispose of them properly. Please keep dogs out of the children play areas. There are waste containers on lower Tiverton near the entrance and on upper Tiverton near the basketball court.