About our Pool
Our community owns a pool and toddler pool for recreational use. The pool is open between Memorial Day and Labor Day each year. The exact opening and closing dates of the pool can vary slightly from year-to-year, and are announced on the website, social media, and newsletter each year.
In the middle of May, each townhome will have a copy of the pool rules, as approved by the Board, delivered to their mailbox alongside a pool pass. Use of the pool is permissive. All Cardinal Square reisdents must be in good financial standing in the community to receive a pool pass. Pool passes may be voided, or future passes may be denied, if the resident or guest using a pool pass fails to adhere to the Board-approved rules. 
Q: Who gets a pool pass?
A: All households in good financial standing will receive one pool pass each year. Pool passes are only good for the current pool season, and may not be reused in subsequent years. Passes are delivered via mail-slot by board members, and thus the pass is given directly to owners and renters alike. 
Q: Can I bring guests to the pool?
A: Yes, each pool pass can admit up to six guests per visit in addition to the members of the household. Guests must be accompanied by a pass holder, and pass holders are responsible for the actions of their guests. If you wish to host more than six people with your pool pass, you will need to hire an additional lifeguard. 
Q: Can I host a party at the pool?
A: Yes, however you are responsible for coordinating and paying for an additional lifeguard who is solely responsible for you and your guests. An additional lifeguard is required if you plan to have more than six guests. To coordinate the scheduling of an additional lifeguard, please reach out to board@cardinalsquare.net or pool@cardinalsquare.net and a board member will assist with communicating your request to our pool contractor. Please plan to ask for an additional guard at least one week in advance. The more lead time you can give the pool contractor, the more likely they will be able to provide an additional lifeguard. 
Q: Who is our pool contractor, and how are they chosen? 
A: For the last several years, Atlantic Pool Services has been our pool contractor. Each year, our Property Manager brings three or more bids from different companies, and the Board votes on a contractor for the season. The Board chooses a pool contractor based on cost and previous experience working with a company.
Q: Can I become a lifeguard?
A: Each year, our pool contractor recruits life guards to service different pools in the area. Our current contractor, Atlantic, hires locally and will employ qualified teens and adults from the neighborhood to serve as a lifeguard at our pool. Look for job advertisements for lifeguards in the spring. The Board will share job advertisements created by Atlantic on Facebook when appropriate.
Q: Does the lifeguard have the power to close the pool?
A: Yes, the lifeguard may close the pool at his or her discretion at any time for any reason. They are required to close the pool in the event of inclement weather including, but not limited to, thunder and lightning. Defying the lifeguard's decision to close the pool may result in your pool pass for the current or future season being revoked.
Q: I have a problem with or concern about the lifeguard. What do I do?
A: Reach out to pool@cardinalsquare.net or board@cardinalsquare.net with any concerns surrounding the lifeguard, pool contractor, or facilities. The Board will take appropriate action. Individual residents are not authorized to act on behalf of the community in regards to the pool or pool contract. Individual residents should refrain from yelling, cursing, or fighting with the lifeguard. Such action can and will result in the revocation of a current or future year pool pass.